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WPC Vinyl

Vinyl WPC Flooring Features


25 years warranty.


Polyurethane Coating.


Easy and quick installation due to patented valinge 5G drop lock method.

Benefits of Vinyl WPC Flooring

Environmental Friendly

Vinyl WPC (wood-plastic composite) planks are a new generation of flooring that can be likened to ‘water-resistant wood flooring’. Traditional pure vinyl planks are approximately 99% resistant, which gives way to bacterial growth on the underside of the boards. On the other hand, Vinyl WPC planks are 100% resistant, which makes them ideal for households where spillages are commonplace. They are perfect to provide peace-of-mind for families or rental homes. Our vinyl WPC planks are designed to look and feel identical to natural wood planks, complete with embossing to match the original woodgrain.

As our vinyl WPC is 100% recyclable, it is a very environmentally friendly flooring choice.



Our vinyl WPC planks use a locking mechanism stronger and more durable, yet easier to install, than traditional click-system floors – the Swiss patented Valinge 5G Drop-and-Lock System.


Climatic Suitability

As it’s 100% water-resistant, our vinyl WPC won’t warp or harbor mound under even the most humid of Australian weather, making it ideal for seaside properties.


Cost Effective

Regarding lifecycle costs, vinyl WPC is much greater value for money because of how much more durable it is compared to traditional pure vinyl flooring.


Style & Variety

Our vinyl WPC resembles traditional wooden planks in both texture and appearance. Our vinyl WPC mimics a variety of popular wood choices, and we are constantly expanding our range.



Vinyl WPC stays cool in summer and does not get cold in winter. Additionally, it is pleasantly soft beneath your feet.


Easy to Maintain

Our vinyl WPC’s heavy duty wear layer makes cleaning a breeze (much easier to clean than traditional wood floors).



As vinyl WPC uses a heavy-duty wear layer, refinishing is not possible.