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Cold Press Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring Brisbane | Cold Pressed Bamboo by Golden Elite Group

Consistent Color Appearance

Bamboo Floorings are great for Brisbane’s indoor interior design.

Greater Quality – E0 – 12 layers of German polyurethane coating

The way to manufacturer high quality bamboo for generations.

Cost Effective

Factory retail outlet, we save the middle man cost for you.

The Best of Bamboo Flooring Brisbane

Bamboos are natural surface kind of covering materials, which have many of the properties that hardwood flooring has. This is inspite of the fact that it is really produced from a kind of grass. It shares some of the many benefits of hardwood kind of flooring. It is best to understand more about its properties, so you will understand why Golden Elite Group is offering bamboo flooring to their customers.

Bamboos are undeniably very easy for everyone to maintain. You just need to vacuum or sweep bamboo flooring on a regular basis in order to remove some small debris particles. Also, you may occasionally damp a mop on it or simply clean it with the aid of non-alkaline, non-wax, bamboo floor or hardwood cleanser.

The utilization of natural kind of materials is considered a valuable trend in a construction industry at this present time. As people become more ecologically conscious, they are already demanding products that will also reflect such values. People are also looking for materials as well as design that will reject the modern cutter world. Instead, they will greatly focus on the natural evolution and individual personality.

Bamboos are slightly more resistant to the damage, warping, and stains brought by water as compared to hardwood materials. So, if you are situated in a low-laying area and your place is easily flooded, it is best to consider bamboo flooring from Golden Elite Group.

There are some kinds of bamboo, which are extremely hard, strong, and durable. Un-carbonized and natural bamboo that is properly manufactured and harvested is highly durable as compared to red oak. Strand woven kind of bamboo may be manufactured even harder.

Bamboo flooring is priced in the same level as with most of the hardwood floors, most especially if you choose to consider Golden Elite Group. Thus, you also need to rid from bargain basement kind of materials because of the greater possibility of lower quality.

Bamboo is considered as trendy material for flooring, which may elevate elegance of a certain space in an instant. It provides appearance as well as feel the same as hardwood but with still different while have its own distinction. This may add for an ineffable quality to your room.

No one can deny that bamboo is highly made from natural vegetation. This bamboo plant is considered as highly renewable resource, which has the ability to obtain maturity and growth. It can grow faster as compared to hardwood trees that may take upward for more than 20 years or even more until it will reach its maturity.

Bamboo flooring may be scratched, marred or even discoloured overtime. But, the surface of this materials may be refinished, while sanding this down and reapplying its finishing coats to provide fresh new look.

These advantages of bamboo flooring can only be experienced if you choose the best and correct service provider. With that, Golden Elite Group should be your top choice in order to experience the best of bamboo flooring.